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History of the Monarch Center for Autism

Founded in 1868, Bellefaire JCB (a not-for-profit organization) has evolved into one of the nation’s leading providers and innovators of wellness, advocacy and behavioral healthcare for children, youth and their families. Building upon a rich legacy of success, Bellefaire JCB has grown to become a multi-disciplinary agency with a mission to serve the ever-changing wellness needs of America’s children.

The Monarch Model

MTT-investor-meeting-1Staying true to its mission, Bellefaire JCB partnered with Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Boston's Autism Language Program to develop a dynamic response to the looming ASD epidemic. The result was the invention of the Monarch Model for the education of children with ASD. The innovative Monarch Model is grounded in a language-based treatment model that is respectful, empowering, kind and rewarding. The Monarch Model is designed to enable communication, to build knowledge and increase life skills by adapting to the individual needs of each student.

Monarch School, Boarding Academy, Preschool, Transitional Education Program & Hall

Spurred by this burgeoning need, Bellefaire JCB opened Monarch School in September 2000, Monarch Boarding Academy (MBA) in 2004, Monarch Preschool in 2006, Monarch Transitional Education Program in 2010, Monarch Hall in 2011, and Monarch Adult Autism Program (MAAP) in 2012. The School is a chartered non-public school specifically for children with ASD from many school districts. It is our policy at Monarch School to partner with public schools, share knowledge and enhance an individual student’s progress.

Monarch School is focused on the creation of a positive cycle of learning. We enable communication through one-on-one speech therapy. Our students learn to communicate their needs, thoughts and ideas which leads to reduced frustration and acting out. We celebrate success in an atmosphere of comfort and support. Our students engage in learning and life.


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