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PICT3588For most children, language does not need to be explicitly taught. Rather, it is simply acquired through exposure to a language-rich environment. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, an inability to acquire language skills in this manner is the hallmark of this disorder. At Monarch, we believe that the most effective way to teach children with ASD how to learn and communicate is to combine explicit language instruction with structured visual supports.

A partnership with Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston's Autism Language Program

Ultimately, the core of the Monarch Model lies in developing a language system that assists a child in achieving his/her maximum potential as a member of the community. This state-of-the-art teaching Model has been developed through an ongoing partnership with Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston's Autism Language Program.

Structured around the individual child

There are many different philosophies for treating ASD, from dietary regimen to behavioral modification. At Monarch, our approach is "philosophy neutral," or in other words, we don't promote or dismiss any one treatment - we implement one that's right for your child in conjunction with our language/visual teaching techniques. Why? Because no two children with autism are the same, and what works best for one may be different for another.

Partnering with families

At Monarch, family involvement is vital in making treatment and education decisions for each child. The Monarch teaching staff works closely with parents and families to integrate and transfer the successes learned at Monarch to the home environment.

One-on-one attention

At Monarch, your child will get a completely individualized program with direct, one-on-one instruction and intensive therapeutic intervention. Working in collaboration, your child's team of specialists will continually assess progress and modify treatments according to how well your child grows and responds.


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