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Monarch professionals are unlike those anywhere else. They are innovative, compassionate and highly trained individuals who devote every day to improving the lives of children with ASD.

Below are testimonials from some of our staff about why they chose to work in the field of autism and what they find most rewarding about working at Monarch.

Why did you choose to work in the field of autism?

“I worked in the schools for many years and have always enjoyed helping people. I feel a special satisfaction working with special needs students since I have a brother with a developmental disability.” – Jeffery R., Instructional Media Specialist

“My passion for learning and compassion for children have driven my interest in autism. Every day is a learning day; every day and every child are different. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of each new day.” – Mandi R., Preschool Supervisor

“My brother has autism so I grew up around autism and special education. These children need many, many advocates and I wanted to be one!” – Amanda B., Lower School Teacher’s Assistant

“Because autism is a spectrum disorder, every child with autism is so different. I love the challenge of trying to “figure out” each child and what works best for him/her.” – Tionna G., Upper School Speech-Language Pathologist

“My cousin was diagnosed about 11 years ago with autism. He attended Monarch School. Being around him, I became interested in the autism spectrum disorder and wanted to do whatever I could to help him and other kids with ASD.” – Monica F., Upper School Teacher’s Assistant

“This is my second year working officially in the field of autism, but I have spent the last 17 years raising a son diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.” – Lori S., Occupational Therapist

What do you find most rewarding about working at Monarch School?

“There is an unusually strong and honestly caring bond between staff members, children and families here at Monarch. We all have the same goal for our students and we try to collaborate to achieve every goal. Monarch also encourages creative thinking and new ideas among all staff members.” – Kristi L., Lower School Speech-Language Pathologist

“I love the opportunities to utilize technology and find approaches that help each child learn and grow.” – Addie C., Lower School Teacher’s Assistant

“There are several things I find rewarding about working for Monarch: I love the team work. I have never experienced so many people coming together for the success of one student. The parents of our students are invested and are always appreciative of our efforts. In addition, the kids are the best! To see the glimmer in their eyes when they grasp a new concept is worth every challenge along the way.” – Rebecca R., Upper School Speech-Language Pathologist

“I find that the kids are the best part about this job. I can honestly say there is not an hour that passes that they do not make me smile. Of course the people I work with on a daily basis also are a major plus; we could not do this work without each others’ support.” – Glenn F., Upper School Teacher’s Assistant

“I really enjoy teaching my students skills that will be useful when they transition to adulthood.” – Anthony C., Upper School Intervention Specialist

“I greatly enjoy getting to know each of the students and their personalities. Each one brings such unique and special qualities to my life. We have an excellent staff that truly cares about each of our students and makes it a joy to come to work everyday. I most especially enjoy helping students communicate their wants, needs, feelings and ideas.” – Melissa B., Speech-Language Pathologist Supervisor


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