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Occupational Therapy

Students at Monarch Preschool and Day School receive occupational therapy with one of Monarch’s five OTRs, three COTAs and OT Aid. Together they work diligently on IEP goals related to fine motor and visual perceptual skills that assist with reading, writing, typing and using scissors; activities of daily living including dressing, feeding, toilet training and grooming; social skills; gross motor skills to facilitate coordination of movement and balance; sensory skills; and vocational skills.

occupational therapyIn addition, students engage in projects and activities that involve the use of bilateral hand coordination and eye-hand coordination. They implement a variety of activities that include cooking, making holiday related crafts, and participating in sensory enriched activities that incorporate turn taking, waiting and social and executive skills related to group interactions. Monarch’s Occupational Therapists use a variety of media and tools to teach students.


Occupational Therapy Ideas for Home:

Independence: We all want our children to become as independent as possible in life. As parents and caregivers, we must expect them to begin the process. By having high expectations, your children may learn to use the skills they are taught. Self-care and clean-up tasks are a good place to start. This includes putting on and taking off clothing and shoes, hanging up a coat on a hook, hand washing, eating with utensils, drinking from a cup, cleaning up, and putting away toys. Please click here for tips on promoting independence.

Improving Fine Motor Skills: What comes before little fingers can manipulate writing and eating utensils and fasteners? Children need strength in their core, balance in their trunk and strength in their shoulders to accomplish these fine motor tasks. Please click here for numerous occupational therapy tips designed to improve fine motor skills.



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