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Speech/Language Therapy

Students at Monarch Preschool and Day School receive daily speech-language therapy with one of sixteen Speech-Language Pathologists who is assigned to their team. Together they work diligently on IEP goals related to improving verbal and nonverbal communication. Because our students’ abilities range significantly from non-verbal to minimally-verbal to fluently-verbal, each receives an initial assessment of his/her language abilities, followed by a treatment plan that is individually tailored to meet the student’s needs. Routine evaluations are conducted to reconfirm the best approaches and to reestablish goals for the student.

SDC10100-webIn an effort to teach difficult language concepts to our students in a way that captures their attention and is meaningful, Monarch Speech-Language Pathologists use a variety of electronic tools including augmentative communication devices (e.g., DynaVox, Prentke Romich, ATI), VizZle™ (web-based visual learning software), TLC software (Teaching Language Concepts developed by Dr. Howard Shane), SmartBoards (interactive whiteboards), mobile devices (Apple iPads), and video modeling (visual teaching method that promotes memorization, imitation and generalization of exemplary behaviors that are depicted in homemade videos).


Communication Ideas for Home:

Bath Time: Bath time at your home may be a wet, soapy, splashing hour, or a calm time to wind down before bed. Either way, it's a great opportunity to practice communication with your child. There are numerous activities you can do during bath time to help build basic communication - to strengthen and reinforce existing skills, to help your child generalize skills in a different setting, or to introduce new skills in a comfortable home environment. Please click here for ideas that promote Joint Attention, Turn Taking, Verbal Imitation, and Requesting.

Wake Up/Morning Routine: Did the time change throw off your child's sleep schedule? Even if it did, here are a few ways to enhance communication during your child's wake-up. These ideas may reinforce the skills your child already has, help apply skills to the home environment, or even introduce some new ones in the comfort of home. Please click here for ideas that promote Orienting & Attending, Vocabulary Building and Understanding Routine.

Enhancing Communication at Home: This presentation contains meaningful speech-related activities, games and strategies for home, as well as recommended websites, visual supports, Apps, and more.


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