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VizZle Visual Learning Software

VizZle visual language technology for autistic learningMonarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. (MTT) was founded in 2005 by Wingspan Care Group and MTT CEO Terry Murphy. In collaboration with Bellefaire JCB (a member of Wingspan and the parent organization of Monarch Center for Autism) and Harvard Medical School/Children’s Hospital Boston’s Autism Language Program, MTT developed VizZle™, a visual learning software for the treatment of children and adolescents with autism.

Filling a Gap…

While widely acknowledged as very effective, the everyday use of customized visual content has been severely limited by practical concerns. Creating the engaging, individualized visual pieces needed for each child was an expensive and time consuming chore involving multiple software programs, searches for appropriate art, and manual cutting, pasting and laminating of printed materials.

The Solution…

VizZle™ has an evolving visual language library of searchable shared lessons already proven effective in the classroom. With content ranging from state-standard academics to personal hygiene, VizZle™ allows you to develop matching boards, schedules, gameboards, interactive content, reinforcers, pop-up quizzes, and more, all ready for customization.

VizZle™ has more than 20,000 images designed to attract, and myriad helpful tools necessary to quickly and easily tailor lessons. Users can employ VizZle™ images or import their own, and start from scratch or use library content. Because VizZle™ is web-based, it can be accessed anytime and from any computer.

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