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Michael's Success Story

mikey-michael"Michael is able to communicate with us through pictures. Visual supports have enabled him to increase his language comprehension, and he's able to share language with us, either through the picture support or gestures. The first time he used the 'sentence strip' at home for his visual communication – and he initiated it – that was a major thing. Every single achievement... no matter how small, is major for us. The whole point of this is to make him as good as he can be, not to leave any stone unturned in this, and just to push him as far as he can go."   – The Vaccariello Family


Ryan's Success Story

Ryan"When Ryan first entered Monarch School, he was a nine-year-old boy who continually had behavioral outbursts. The staff was required to give him head pressure virtually all day long-and that was about the only thing he could tolerate. Although he obviously still has issues... he is a long way from the scared little boy who first stepped through Monarch's doors those years ago. He is continually learning academically as well as communicatively – and the school has been instrumental in helping him find his place in this world. We really don't know where Ryan would have been without Monarch's program."  – The Bregar Family


Derek's Success Story

derek"...When Derek was diagnosed with autism at age two and a half, he was withdrawn from his family and the world around him. His severe behaviors also kept us from doing anything in the community. When he was seven, Monarch School became available. Six years later, his verbal language has gone from approximately 30 words to thousands. He now has the ability to learn different themes in science and social studies. He has learned how to do cursive handwriting and typing. Instead of being withdrawn, Derek now initiates interactions with his teachers with his unique sense of humor. We are always doing community outings that Derek requests by writing them on my calendar." – Derek's Family


Laura's Success Story

"...Over the years, I can truly say that Monarch's Teachers are the "Best"!  They are Dedicated Professionals who are Caring & Understanding of our children's needs, and they are gifted with the Biggest Hearts, and the most Contagious Smiles, which are so very important and necessary when dealing with our children. Yes, they all have made a dramatic difference in Laura's Life.  She is finding her way. She is learning to love and trust. She now has a twinkle in her eye and a great big smile on her face that says "I'm beginning to understand... but please, don't let go of my hand... teach me more..." and in her heart she says...
"Thank you, for helping me to learn to smile."
"Thank you, for your Caring Hearts."
"Thank you, for your Willing Hand...when I need you."
"Thank you, for your encouragement when my day was tough."
"Thank you. You have no idea how much 'You' and Monarch have meant and done for me."
– With All Our Love and Appreciation, Laura & Mom


Bobby's Success Story

bobby"Bobby came to the Monarch School when he was six years old. At six, he could say some basic terms such as 'Elmo' and 'ball' and 'toy.' And now at eight years old, he really has a huge vocabulary that we're proud of. If there wasn't a Monarch, my son's past would definitely be his future. He wouldn't be able to talk the way he's talking. He wouldn't be able to converse somewhat, the way he does. He wouldn't be able to play with other kids. And now I know what his future is. It's up in the air, nobody knows, and it's great to anticipate that-to see what he achieves and is going to do every day."  – The Jordan Family


Nathan's Success Story

nate"When Nathan was diagnosed with autism, it was devastating. The neurologist told us he was autistic and that there was no cause and no cure, and sent me home. I cried all the way home. One of the biggest things that Nate has learned at Monarch that he brings home is his wanting to be with other people. He used to lock himself in his room and be up there just watching videos, and we would have to pull him out and into the family and into some of the things we do... and it's not like that anymore."   – The Higginbotham Family


Matt's Success Story

matt-08"Before Monarch, Matt struggled with his disability of autism. It kept him from interacting with others. The sensory issues - touch, smell and hearing - were all oversensitive. Often, he lost control and acted out in ways that were inappropriate. Autism controlled Matt. Today, through Monarch, he is a different boy. He is social and enjoys life. When he becomes overwhelmed, he knows how to deal with it independently using the coping skills that he has been taught there. Most importantly, he is happy with himself. He still has autism, but he controls it. That is the difference between yesterday and today." – The Elias Family


Morgan's Success Story

ItsMorgan10"Before Morgan came to Monarch, I couldn't plan our days with any confidence because, often as not, I'd get that dreaded call from her school to come and get her because they couldn't handle her behavior.  Their heart was in the right place, but only a few of the staff dealing with her in any given public school setting had the training they needed to cope with her issues. It's a completely different experience at Monarch.  Everyone there understands what she needs to be successful.  For the first time ever, Morgan likes school!  I can't begin to describe what a positive impact that has made on all of our lives.  Thank you Monarch!" – The Klima Family


Gracie’s and Chloe’s Success Story

grace and chloe at monarch"Gracie is a four-year-old, huggable, smart child who squeals with delight when she is excited. Music reaches her and she maintains steady eye contact whenever she is singing loud and proud! Chloe is her four-year old twin and is a lightening-fast child with a silly sense of humor, who loves to read and learn about outer space. Since we began our autism journey two years ago, everyone we’ve encountered has stressed the importance of early intervention for children on the spectrum. Everyone was right. Monarch has given our girls an intensive, language-rich academic environment, along with incomparable speech, occupational, music and art therapies. Gracie called me “Mommy” for the very first time in October (she was 3½). Chloe now answers many questions instead of repeating them. We are mortgaging our home so we can give the girls one more year at Monarch during this crucial developmental period for them. Monarch has worked miracles for us.” – Gracie’s and Chloe’s Family


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