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Treatment For Autism

Treatment for autism is usually a very intensive, comprehensive undertaking that involves the child’s entire family and a team of professionals. Some programs may take place in your home with professional specialists and trained therapists, or may include your being trained as a therapist for your child under supervision of a professional. Some programs are delivered in a specialized center, classroom or preschool. It is not unusual for a family to choose to combine more than one treatment method.

Treatment for autismYour pediatrician, developmental pediatrician or a social worker who specializes in the treatment of children with autism can make suggestions or help you prioritize therapies based on your child’s comprehensive evaluation.

No single therapy works for every child. What works for one child may not work for another. What works for one child for a period of time may stop working. Some therapies are supported by research showing their efficacy, while others are not. The skill, experience and style of the therapist are critical to the effectiveness of the intervention. Before you choose an intervention, you will need to investigate the claims of each therapy so that you understand the possible risks and benefits for your child. 204


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